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    Window Patching Machine WPS 600
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    Window Patching Machine WPSL
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    Window Patching Machine WPS
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    Tray forming machine CE 1000
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    Tray forming machine CE 1560
  • AS 1400


ROTARY WINDOW PATCHING AND LINING MACHINE WPS-L Rotary window patching and lining machines Wps-l Short and Simple make-readiesProcessor controlled timed feederTimed belt feeder Series BFP, with automatic blank length adjust-ment via teach-in-function. The adjustment can be made with only one blank.Digital setting of the ἀlm cutting length and servo driven cross cutter For short make-readiesCleaning box For cleaning of the gluing unit, in two minutes.High PerformancePatented mono-belt vacuum blank transport for one or two lane operation, ensures excellent flatness of the blanks even when curved.The system operates without vacuum channels, tubes, ἀlters and eliminates maintenance.Automatic reel changeStandstill times for reel change can be eliminated by a patented H+S splicer system (option). Constant web tension during operation and reel change is provided by automatically controlled brakes and dancer rollers.High performance static discharge system for ἀlm materialAllows smooth operation even for ἀlm material with critical static load. integrated manufacturingH+S offers components for an automatic work Ḁow, between die cutting and length folding process, which reduces manpower.Pre-feederPlaced in front of a window patcher, pre-feeders of the series PF will handle pile heights of up to 600 mm, available in one- and two-lane versions. Movable on wheels, these pre-feeders are easy to combine with any window patching machine.Automatic stackerPlaced behind the window patcher, the stacker builds accurately counted piles of windowed blanks and delivers them to a subsequent conveyor system. transfer ComponentsA wide range of components are available to meet customers’ requirements of automatic transportation to and from the window patching machineLoad conveyor For manual load of pilesPile turner For automatic turning of piles upside downPile infeed For automatic transportation of piles into a pre-feederTransfer conveyor For automatic horizontal transportation of piles including buffer functions Handling components For handling tasks like: • Two lanes to one • One lane to two • 900 direction changes • Pile rotation